surreal galleryAll paintings 30 "x 40 " or  40 "x 30" acrylic on canvas, unless otherwise stated. Commissioned variations welcome.  Price range from NZ $750 - NZ $1250 delivery within New Zealand included. Overseas delivery - painting removed from stretch frame, rolled, tubed and tracked to your door NZ $65.


Kiwi Gothic  - Sold
Dog House
Cat House
A Man and His Dog  -     For Sale
Against the Wind    -  For Sale
Hold on to Your Hat  - Sold
Kite Day 2      - Sold
Monarchy   - For Sale
Another Bored Meeting  - For Sale
Branching Out   -   For Sale
On the Other Hand   -   For Sale
The Circle Game    -  For Sale
Silver Downpour      -    Sold
The Implementation of the Matrimonial Property Act - Sold
Raining Cats and Dogs   -  Sold
...Then Let\'s Keep Dancing  - For Sale
Wine Time
Haka                    For Sale
Wine Time (blue)  Sold
Duet    - For Sale
Bored Meeting     - Sold
The Joker 2 - For Sale
A New Life           Sold
Love in the Afternoon               Sold
Windy City Kite Day            Sold
The Pick of the Crop        For Sale
A Little Rain Must Fall
There\'s One in Every Crowd                Sold
Auk Land                    Sold
From the Ashes      For Sale
Finding the Right One               For Sale
Old Fishing Boats                Sold
He Ain\'t Heavy
fly by 800x600
Haute Cuisine             Sold
tall poppies 800x600
The Lava Tree                    Sold
Red Roof Gardens                     For Sale
Every Player Wins a Prize             Sold
going nowhere fast resize 800x600
Poppy Day                       Sold
Across the Board                For Sale
Ships in the Night               Sold
Gone With the Wind          Sold
Going Nowhere Fast           For Sale
Blown Away                   Sold
A Good Breeze for Kite Day       Sold
Paremata Boat Sheds               Sold
Daisy Chain              For Sale
Sundown in the Hill Suburbs             Sold
Oriental Bay Boat Sheds                For Sale
Olive                   For Sale
The Wood for the Trees            Sold
99 Boulcott St                      Sold
The Windy City                 Sold
Tall Poppies            Sold
Hold on to Your Hats              Sold
House and Nine Cats      Sold
Te Manu Tukutuku                  Sold
Perfection                    Sold
Goal Setting                   Sold
Fruit of the Vine                  Sold
Over the Moon               For Sale
All Saints Church              For Sale
Tug O War
Houses on Hills                   Sold
Portfolio                Sold
Against the Wind      Sold
The Lava Tree                  Sold
Dancing Under the Stars                 Sold
The New Commuters               Sold
The Windy City              Sold
Backbones of the Country     Sold
Don\'t Look Down                    Sold
Til the Cows Come Home            Sold
Flight of the Ties               Sold
Fly By             Sold
Leap of Faith 2                   Sold
Time Line                    Sold
Get on Top of It                For Sale
For Better or Worse              Sold
Balancing Act                  For Sale
Blue Roof Gardens            Sold
Here Comes the Sun              Sold
Hi Ho ... Hi Ho......           Sold
I Say Jump You Say How High               For Sale
In Tandem                      Sold
Kina                  Sold
La Musica                  Sold
Leap of Faith            Sold
Let it Fly                    Sold
Life Line                  Sold
Life\'s a Breeze                      Sold
Man\'s Rise to Civilisation                For Sale
Matariki                     Sold
Miles From Nowhere                  Sold
Moving Mountains                   Sold
New Zealand Idyll         Sold
Parallel Baas                   For Sale
Pay Attention Boy !!  ( a childhood impression )          For Sale
Prodigy                  Sold
Raising the Family               Sold
Raising the Kids                 Sold
Recycling - Bad Riddance to Good Rubbish                     For Sale
Red Fly By                  For Sale
Red Herrings                     For Sale
Restructuring                  Sold
Roof Gardens             Sold
Rush Hour                  For Sale
Small World                For Sale
Summer Migration     Sold
Swimming With Dolphins     For Sale
Sundance                 Sold
Tea For Two             For Sale
Teamwork                  Sold
The Amazing Adventures of Captain Ladd          For Sale
The Art of Politics in the Land of Milk and Honey   For Sale
The Avon Lady                   Sold
The Dream               For Sale
The Glass Ceiling            Sold
The New Hat     Sold
To the Lighthouse          Sold
The Plight of the Fairy Tern            Sold
Tunnelvision             For Sale
Web of Deceit                For Sale
Urban Expansion               For Sale
We\'re all Going on a Summer Holiday 1957      Sold
When Kiwis Flew   For Sale
Working Dogs                 Sold
She\'s Dotty
On the Other Hand
Out on a Limb
The Dream
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